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PLEASE NOTE: I was not able to find the individuals or families from these census records in my database. If anyone is familiar with these census records or families, please let me know so I can update my database. Thanks!

*** If you would like to change the way the table below is sorted, click on the Header Title and the table will be sorted by that column.

Census Records were found on Ancestry.com and/or Genealogy.com

  Year  State  County  City  Document Description  
View1800MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUHART Eng
View1810NYMontgomeryFloridaCENSUS: BOCHITE James
View1820OHFairfieldClear CreekCENSUS: BOKEHORT Henry
View1830PAAlleghenyPittCENSUS: BHART Abram
View1830PAAlleghenyPittCENSUS: BUHART Aer
View1830PABerksRuscombmanorCENSUS: BHART Henry
View1830PAPhiladelphiaNorthern LibertiesCENSUS: BUCHETTE Joseph [01]
View1830PAPhiladelphiaNorthern LibertiesCENSUS: BUCHETTE Joseph [02]
View1830PAPhiladelphiaNorthern LibertiesCENSUS: BURKHOUSE Jacob
View1840NYGreeneCENSUS: BOHITE Andrew
View1840NYLivingstonSt. MorrisCENSUS: BURKHARTE Susannah & George
View1840PANorthamptonBethlehemCENSUS: OESTREICHER John [01]
View1840PANorthamptonBethlehemCENSUS: OESTREICHER John [02]
View1840PANorthamptonBethlehemCENSUS: SCHROPP John [01]
View1840PANorthamptonBethlehemCENSUS: SCHROPP John [02]
View1841UKBerkshireChaddleworthCENSUS: UK Census Collection 1841 England Census Berkshire Chaddleworth District 13
View1841UKDevonTawstockCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Prudence - UK Census Collection 1841 England Census Devon Tawstock District 18
View1841UKDevonThurlestoneCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Alice - UK Census Collection 1841 England Census Devon Thurlestone District 12
View1850INBoonDistrict #7CENSUS: BOUGHARD John, Elizabeth, Katharine, Solomon, Ambrose, PeggyAnn, William Amanda [2]
View1850INBoonDistrict #7CENSUS: BOUGHARD John, Elizabeth, Katharine, Solomon, Ambrose, PeggyAnn, William Amanda [1]
View1850INCaboisWall TownshipCENSUS: BUHART Edmund, Catherine, Mary [1]
View1850INCaboisWall TownshipCENSUS: BUHART Edmund, Catherine, Mary [2]
View1850INFranklinCENSUS: BUHART George, Mary, Lana, Mary, Elizabeth, Adaline, Margaret
View1850INShelbyBrandywine TownshipCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Jacob
View1850KYFayetteDistrict #1CENSUS: BOOHITE John A & E
View1850MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUHARD W
View1850MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUCHHEIMER Peter, Hannah, Mary Ann, William [1]
View1850MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUCHHEIMER Peter, Hannah, Mary Ann, William [2]
View1850MDFrederickCENSUS: MARTIN William, Sophia, Oscar
View1850MIOaklandOxfordCENSUS: BOCHITE Harmon S
View1850MOSt LouisDistrict 82CENSUS: BUCHHAIT Frederick
View1850MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKHART Frederick [4]
View1850MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKHART Frederick [2]
View1850MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKHART Frederick [1]
View1850MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKHART Frederick [3]
View1850NJHunterdonLambertvilleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Lorinda, Frank, Henry [2]
View1850NJHunterdonLambertvilleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Lorinda, Frank, Henry
View1850NJHunterdonLambertvilleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Lorinda, Frank, Henry [1]
View1850NJSomersetHillsboroughCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank
View1850NYKingsSixth WardCENSUS: BUHART Moses
View1850NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BOKEHART Charles
View1850OHFranklinColumbusCENSUS: BUHART Wendell
View1850OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Barbara
View1850OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEID Margaret
View1850OHHamiltonFulton TownshipCENSUS: BUHITE Henry, Nancy, Mary, Ann E, Minerva I
View1850PABeaverBrightonCENSUS: MAY David, Susan, John, William C, Levi, Mary J, David K
View1850PABeaverBrightonCENSUS: MAY James, Mary, Lydia, Sarah J, Ann E
View1850PABeaverBrightonCENSUS: MAY John, Jane, Martha J, Joseph, Margaret, Maria, Agnes A, Martin W, Thomas, Minerva A & George, Susan
View1850PABeaverOhioCENSUS: REED John Jr, Cynthia Samuel, William, Sarah May
View1850PAClarionWashingtonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Magdelena
View1850PAFayetteSaltlick TownshipCENSUS: BOUGHARD Jacob, Barbara, Madelina, Susannah, Rachel, Abraham, James
View1850PANorthamptonBethlehemCENSUS: OESTREICHER C
View1851CANCENSUS: Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia Canada West (Ontario) Norfolk County Walsingham
View1860CENSUS: CARDER Albert
View1860CENSUS: CARDER Chris
View1860CAYubaState Tange TownshipCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Benjamin
View1860CTHartfordNew BritainCENSUS: BUCHHART Henry, Louisa
View1860INDearbornLawrenceburgCENSUS: BOOKSTER John, Ann E, Richard, Mary E
View1860INFloydNew AlbanyCENSUS: BUCHHEITE Henry, Nancy, Mary Jo, Minerva I, Missouri E
View1860INFloydNew AlbanyCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Mary
View1860INFranklinWhite Water TownshipCENSUS: BUHITE George, Mary, Mary, Eliza, Barbara, Margaret, Paulin, Henrietta, Grace, George, Jacob
View1860INPerryTell CityCENSUS: BUCHSER Frederick, Mary, Mary, Bertha, Ferena, Jacob, Louisa
View1860KSAtchinsonGrasshopper TownshipCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter, Mary
View1860MDAnne ArundelAnnapolisCENSUS: MARTIN Paul, Margaret, Lavinia, Pauline, Suzanne, Oscar, Benjamin F [01]
View1860MDAnne ArundelAnnapolisCENSUS: MARTIN Paul, Margaret, Lavinia, Pauline, Suzanne, Oscar, Benjamin F [02]
View1860MOPerryCinque Hommes TownshipCENSUS: BOUHART:Caspar, Elizabeth, Ignatius, Charles, William, Ferdinand, Joseph, Louis, Barbara, Anthony, Moritz, Andreas [2]
View1860NJHuntingdonLambertvilleCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Joseph, Lorenda
View1860NJHuntingdonLambertvilleCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Frank
View1860NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCKHEIT George G, Mary, Ann, Gertrude
View1860NYKingsBuffaloCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John, Caroline, Gustave, Albert
View1860NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Adam & BURKHARDT Felix
View1860NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEID Jacob, Francisca
View1860OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEID Peter, Cathe, Peter
View1860OHHamiltonColerain TownshipCENSUS: BOOHITE Nicholas, Mary, Mary, Emma, Jessie
View1860OHHamiltonHarrisonCENSUS: BURKHEIT John, Mary, Sophia, Charlotte, Henry
View1860OHHamiltonHarrisonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Elizabeth
View1860OHHamiltonHarrison TownshipCENSUS: BUCHHEID Mary
View1860PAElkBenzinger TownshipCENSUS: BUCHITE George, Ann, Mike, George, ?, Ann, John, Joseph [1]
View1860PAElkBenzinger TownshipCENSUS: BUCHITE George, Ann, Mike, George, ?, Ann, John, Joseph [2]
View1860PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BOOSKER Benjamin, Eliza, Thomas Elizabeth, Mary, Adeline
View1870IACarrollCarroll CityCENSUS: BOKEHART: Joseph, Harris, Frederick, Margaret, Benny, Lena
View1870ILCassBeardstownCENSUS: BOOKHITE Jacob, Margaret, Charles, Mary, Jacob
View1870ILLeeLee CenterCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Mary, Elizabeth, Mary, David, Kate, Emma
View1870ILPulaskiCENSUS: BURKHOUSER William
View1870ILUnionRich PrecinctCENSUS: BURKHOUSER Laura
View1870INAllenFort WayneCENSUS: BOOKSTER John, Thomas
View1870INDearbornLawrenceburghCENSUS: BOOKSTER John, Ann, Mary, Frank
View1870INElkhartMiddleburgCENSUS: BUCHITE Reub, Caroline, Elmer, Newton, Charles, Infant
View1870INElkhartMiddleburg TownshipCENSUS: BUCHEIT Reub, Caroline, Elmer, Newton, Charles, Infant
View1870INFranklinBrookvilleCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Mary, Frank, Michael, William, Ferdinand, Martin, Catherine, Lana, Charles, Anna
View1870KYCampbellNewportCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Barbara
View1870KYCampbellNewportCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Elizabeth
View1870KYFayetteLexingtonCENSUS: BOOHITE John, Evan
View1870MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BOOSKER Henry, Mary, Joseph, BOOSKER Catherine, Henry, Elizabeth, John
View1870NJJersey CityCENSUS: BUHARD Benj
View1870NYBooneBrighamptonCENSUS: BUHARD Clarence, Margaret, Michael, Anna
View1870NYColumbiaHudsonCENSUS: BOHITE Peter, Margaret, Richard, Louisa, Charles [2]
View1870NYColumbiaHudsonCENSUS: BOHITE Peter, Margaret, Richard, Louisa, Charles [1]
View1870NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John, Gertrude, George, Matilda, Emilie
View1870NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCHEIT George J, Marianna, Anna, Gertrude, Charles, Margaret, Mariah, George, Theresa
View1870NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter, Angelia, Amelia, Auga, Albert
View1870NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKHEIT John, Margaretha, Julie
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT George, Natalie, Peter
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT Felix, Eliza, George, Louise, Peter
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT Philip, Anna, Leo, Louisa, Peter
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT Adam, Margaret, Carrie, Annie, Charlotte, Charles, Edward, BURKHARDT Peter, Dora, William, Carolina, Michael, Eliza
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT Edward, Mary, Edward, Peter, Julius, William, Emma
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIM Adam, Dora
View1870NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Catherina, Barbara, Mary
View1870NYOrangeCornwallCENSUS: BUHITE Adam, Nancy, Mary, Charles
View1870NYWest ChesterMorrisoniaCENSUS: BERGER Adam, Mary, Annie, George, Wilhelm, Karl, Louis
View1870NYWestchesterMorrisonCENSUS: BERGER Adam, Mary, Annie, George, Wilhelm, Karl, Louis
View1870NYWestchesterTown of OssiningCENSUS: Von BUCKHEIT Agnes
View1870OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter
View1870OHHamitonHarrisonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George
View1870OHLaurenceDecaturCENSUS: BUCKHITE Samuel
View1870PABerksCENSUS: BUHARD Fred, Ellen, Harrison, Elpeda, Elizabeth
View1870PABucksCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Elizabeth
View1870PACambriaTaylor TownshipCENSUS: BUCKHUT Joseph, Esther, David
View1870PACambriaTaylor TownshipCENSUS: BUCKHUT Joseph, Esther, David
View1870PAElkBenzingerCENSUS: BUCHEIT Anthony, Eva
View1870PAJeffersonHendersonCENSUS: BUHITE Frederick
View1870TXNacogdochesDistrict 5CENSUS: BOOKSHER Farly, Lavrey, Lucinda, Seth, Prudence, Nancy
View1870WIJeffersonWatertownCENSUS: GOETTE Charles, Minna, Elisa, Auge, Charles, Minna
View1870WISheboyganHermanCENSUS: BURKHARDT Peter, Maria, Jacob, Mary, Peter, Louise, BURKHART Philip, Regina, Catherina, Susan, Philip
View1870WVOhioWheelingCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Charles, Mary
View1871UKEnglandLondonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George - UK Census Collection England Census London St Bride District - 1871
View1871UKLondonSt BrideCENSUS: BUCKHELT George
View1880DCWashingtonWashingtonCENSUS: BUCHARDT Lewis
View1880IAWinnesheikWashingtonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John
View1880ILLageuAtlantaCENSUS: BUHART George
View1880ILPeoriaPeoriaCENSUS: BUCHARDT Pauline
View1880INClarkJeffersonvilleCENSUS: FORD William, Margaret, John, William, Kate, Lawrence, Mary
View1880INDearbornLawrenceburghCENSUS: BOOKSTER John, Anne E, Mary E, Frank, Charles R, Elvira D
View1880INFloydNew AlbanyCENSUS: BUCHARDT Charley & Rudolph
View1880INFranklinVillage of New Trenton, WhitewaterCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John (servant found on page 2) [1]
View1880INFranklinVillage of New Trenton, WhitewaterCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John (servant found on page 2) [2]
View1880INHenryBlue River TownshipCENSUS: BURKHOUSER Solomon, Lucinda, Ada J, Willie, Rachel, Albert, Della
View1880INSt. JosephSouth BendCENSUS: BUCHALT Peter, Fransisca, Martin, Thomas, Anthony, Mary
View1880KYCampbellNewportCENSUS: BOHARDT Lucy
View1880KYKentonCovingtonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT A?, Katie, George, Willie, Joseph, Annie
View1880MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: MANIUS John
View1880MIMoat?Township of PiniCENSUS: BUHITE William A, Kathleen T, Lillian, Edith, Myrtle,
View1880MOClarkeWashington TownshipCENSUS: BUHARD James, Mary, Fannie, L?, Kellie, Mariana, Nanie, Robert, Joseph
View1880NCWataugaBooneCENSUS: BOOKSHER Noah, Sarah, Mary E, Nancy O, Juna S, Francis L O, William C
View1880NJHudsonHoboken, 2nd WardCENSUS: BUCHALT Helene
View1880NJHunterdonLawbertville, 2nd WardCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank
View1880NYColumbusHudson City?CENSUS: BOHITE Peter, Margaret, Louisa, Charles, Frank
View1880NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BOKEHART Auga & Arena
View1880NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BOUCITE Francis
View1880NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John, Margaret
View1880NYKingsFlatbushCENSUS: BUCHARDT Ellen
View1880NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHARDT John
View1880NYOrangeHighlandsCENSUS: BOOHITE Adam & Nancy
View1880NYRocklandOrangeburghCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Jacob
View1880OHButlerOxfordCENSUS: BUHI Nicholis, Mary, Jesse, John, Nicholis, William
View1880OHColumbiaE LiverpoolCENSUS: BUCKHEIT - U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880 Ohio Columbiana East Liverpool
View1880OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BOHARDT Cornelius, Martha, John, Martha, Lena, Cornelius
View1880OHWashington TwpVan WertCENSUS: BUHART Lewis, Mary, Anna, Minnie
View1880PABerksDouglass TownshipCENSUS: BUHART Amanda
View1880PABucksHaycockCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Elizabeth
View1880PAErieErieCENSUS: BUCHEI Robert
View1880PAMongomeryMorelandCENSUS: BOOSKER Adella
View1880PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BURKHOUSER Frederick
View1880PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BEUCKERT Sarah
View1880SCCharlestonCharlestonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT William, Emily, Benjamin, William Henry, Sarah, Richard, Caroline, HAY Sarah, Richard
View1880TNFayetteCivil District #1CENSUS: BUCHARDT Aug
View1880TXAngelinaSubdivision No 8CENSUS: BOOKSHER Harly, Sarah, C B, WILKERSON Sarah, Jacob, Avean
View1880TXAngelinaSubdivision No 8CENSUS: BOOKSHER Wright, Pane, Henderson, Alfred, BROOKSHER Louisa, William John, BROOKSER Jasper, Cassey, Florence, B Clinton, BROOKSHER John Pane, Thomas, Monroe, JONES James, Rebecca, BROOKSHER Mannering
View1880TXTarrantFort WorthCENSUS: BOOKSY Albert
View1880WIJeffersonWatertownCENSUS: GOETTE Charles, Wilhelmine, Auga, Charles, Minnie, Louise, Emma
View1891UKDevanAbbotskerswellCENSUS: BUCKHEIT John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Florence, Samuel, William
View1891UKDevonAbbotskerswellCENSUS: BUCKHEIT John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Florence, Samuel, William - UK Census Collection 1891 England Census Devon Abbotskerswell District 1 2
View1891UKHampshireShirleyCENSUS: BUHITE Francis, Elizabeth, Agnes, Dorothy, Gertrude
View1891UKLondonIslingtonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Charles, Luisa, Emily
View1891UKMiddlesexEalingCENSUS: BUCHEIT William
View1891UKYorkshireRawdonCENSUS: BUCHEIT Elizabeth, Emily, Percy, Henry, Horace
View1895WIWinnebagoNeenahCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph
View1900ARCraigheadBuffaloCENSUS: BUCKHEIT George, Eliza
View1900ARLoganShoal CreekCENSUS: BUCHEIT Alphona
View1900ARLoganShoal CreekCENSUS: BUCHEIT Theola
View1900ARWashingtonFayettevilleCENSUS: BUCHEIT Francis
View1900COChaffeeSalidaCENSUS: BUHITE Maggie      
View1900CUBASanta Cristina BarracksCENSUS: BUCHSER Albert (born 1868)
View1900IAMitchellLincolnCENSUS: BUHARDT Auga
View1900ILAdamsQuincyCENSUS: BUCHEIT John
View1900ILCookWestCENSUS: BOOKSER George, Margaret, Lilly, John
View1900INAdamsFrenchCENSUS: BUCKSER, Martin, Sarah, Alvin, Joseph, SE?ICHTY John
View1900INDearbornCenter TownshipCENSUS: BEUCHEIT Mary A, BECHTEL Warne, Clara, Waren W
View1900INDearbornLawrenceburghCENSUS: BOOKSTER Charles, Frank, Charles R
View1900INVanderburghPigeonCENSUS: BOHARDT Henry, George
View1900KSClayClay CenterCENSUS: BUHI Lydia, William, Henry, Alicia
View1900KSMiamiOsawatomieCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Alfred, George
View1900KSMiamiTen MileCENSUS: BUCHSER Joseph
View1900KSWashingtonHanoverCENSUS: BUCHALT Christopher
View1900KYHarrisonKinmanCENSUS: BOOHITE John, Louisa
View1900MAHampshireNorthamptonCENSUS: BUHITE Mary      
View1900MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Adam      
View1900MDBaltimoreBaltimore CityCENSUS: BUSHHEIT John, Carrie, William, George, Luiara
View1900MNRamseySt. PaulCENSUS: BUCHEIT Paul (Para), Helena
View1900MOPerryUnionCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Edward
View1900MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKSER Jacob, Matilda, Elma, Adele, John J
View1900MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCHEIDT Leonard, Mary, Anna
View1900NEAdamsDenverCENSUS: BUHITE Lucy
View1900NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHEIT Joseph
View1900NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Nannie
View1900NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Joseph
View1900NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHEIT Joseph
View1900OHButlerMilfordCENSUS: BUHI Jesse, Catherine, Daisy, William, Anna, William
View1900OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT William, Margaret, Estella [02]
View1900OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT William, Margaret, Estella [01]
View1900OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEID Mary, DENNIE John, Wife, John, Frank, Mannie, George, Willie
View1900OHWilliamsSpringfieldCENSUS: BUCHSER Andrew, Mary, Arthur, Clara, Walter, Chlak
View1900OHWilliamsSpringfieldCENSUS: BUCHSER Andrew, Mary, Arthur, Clara, Walter, Elilah
View1900PAAlleghenyElliott CityCENSUS: GORDON James, Martha, Alice, Bessie
View1900PAAlleghenyEsplenCENSUS: BOHITE John, Harriet, John Jr, Charles, Fred
View1900PAClearfieldTroutvilleCENSUS: BUCHEITE Lattie
View1900PAJeffersonMcCalmontCENSUS: BUCHEITE James
View1900PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Matilda, Harry, John, William, Frederick
View1900PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT John, Elizabeth, Barbara, Charles, Lisette, Henry, Pauline, William
View1900PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSER Edward, Katherina, Albert, Lillian, HARRY Frederick
View1900PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT John, Elizabeth, Barbara, Charles, Lisette, Henry, Pauline, William
View1900PAWashingtonMcDonaldCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Retta, George, Leo
View1900PAWestmorelandEast HuntingdonCENSUS: BOOKSHER John, Susie, John, Andy, Mike, Annie, Mary, Susan
View1900SCCharlestonCharlestonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Mary
View1900SCCharlestonSt. Michaels & St. PhillipsCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Flancy, Aggie
View1900WIMarionettaPeshtigoCENSUS: BOHARDT Herman, Josephine, Blanche, Fred, Carrie, Minnie, Freda, Nate
View1900WIMilwaukeeMilwaukeeCENSUS: BUCKSER Albert, Fritzki, Margrette, Rudolph
View1901CENSUS: BUCKHEIT Charles T, Laura M, Emily L B - 1901 UK Census Collection England Census London Islington Highbury District 25
View1901CENSUS: BUCKLITT William H - 1901 UK Census Collection England Census Middlesex Ealing District 7
View1901CENSUS: BUCHHEIT Henry & Sister - 1901 Census of Canada Ontario Lambton (West-Ouest) Sarnia (Town-Ville)
View1901CENSUS: BUCHELT Elizabeth, BUCKETT Emily, Percy, Henry, Horance - 1901 UK Census Collection England Census Yorkshire Rawdon District 8.
View1906CENSUS: BUCHHEIT - 1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta Alberta Sub-District 37
View1906CANCENSUS: BUCHSER - Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta Alberta Strathcona Sub-District 46
View1906CANCENSUS: BUCHSER - Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta Manitoba Selkirk Sub-District 9
View1910ARLoganShoal CreekCENSUS: BUCHHERT Theda
View1910GABartowTaylorsvilleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT J S, Mamie, J B, Fred
View1910GAChathamCENSUS: HARRISON John A, May Etta, BUCKSER Mary
View1910GAChathamSavannahCENSUS: MILLER, John G, Amelia H, Flora C, John G Jr, BUCHHEIT Mary B [1]
View1910IACarrollManningCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank, Elizabeth
View1910IAWoodburySioux CityCENSUS: LYE W E, M M, BUCHHIT Joseph
View1910ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BOHARDT Morris, Sophie, Abe
View1910INFranklinSpringfieldCENSUS: BUHI Jessie, Kathryn E, Anna A
View1910INMadisonUnionCENSUS: BUHI Nicholas F, Rosalie M, Elsie N, Irma M
View1910INMarionPerryCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Adam
View1910KYCampbellNewportCENSUS: BERNER Henry
View1910MAEssexLynn CityCENSUS: BUCHETTE Peter
View1910MAEssexLynn CityCENSUS: BUCHETTE Napoleon, Rose, Napolean, Marie
View1910MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BEUCKERT William, Loi, William, Helen, Pearl
View1910MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Henry, Cora, Peter
View1910MISaginawSaginawCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Charles L, Barbara
View1910MNPopeGlenwood VillageCENSUS: BUCKSER Emil Alvina, Ervin, Delia, Esther
View1910MNWinonaLewiston VillageCENSUS: BUCKSER Sigmund
View1910MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKSER Jacob J, Matilda, Elmer H, Adele, John J
View1910MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCHSER Jacob, Mathilda, Elmer, Adele, John
View1910MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCHEIT John, Barbara, Mike, BUCHHEIT John, Annie, Mike, Tony
View1910NEAdamsHastings CityCENSUS: BUCKSER Fred, Elizabeth
View1910NJPassaicPattersonCENSUS: BUCKSER Christian, Bertha, Myrtle, Bertha 2
View1910NJPassaicPattersonCENSUS: BUCKSER Christian, Bertha, Myrtle, Bertha 1
View1910NYFultonGloversvilleCENSUS: BUCHITE Jerry, Fannie
View1910NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Henry, Anna, Jacob H, Auga J, Katherine, Charles
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHSER Jacob
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCKSER Frederick, Mary
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCKSER Charles
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCKSER Leon, Ida, Lena, Yelta, Mollie, Sam, Dora, BUCKSER Sam
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHHEIT M Sola
View1910NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHEIT Gottfried, Eva, Elsie, Dora
View1910NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHSER Frederich, Marie
View1910NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHSER Yetta
View1910NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHSER William
View1910NYOrangeMiddletownCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Alonzo
View1910NYSuffolkIslipCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Charles, Margaret, ? Lucina
View1910OHCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edna, Joseph
View1910OHButlerHamiltonCENSUS: BUCKHUT Henry, Christina
View1910OHButlerMilfordCENSUS: BUHI William J, Sadie, Willa M, Harmund
View1910OHButlerOxfordCENSUS: BUHI Nichlas, Mary
View1910OHColumbianaLiverpoolCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph & Edna
View1910OHCuyahogaClevelandCENSUS: BUCHSER Ernest
View1910OHCuyahogaClevelandCENSUS: BURKHEIT Susie
View1910OHGreenMiamiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Mary, KALBFUS Charles H, Elrnon
View1910OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCKHEIT William J, Magdelena, Estella M, William Jr, Cecilia M
View1910OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Peter, Josephine, Loretta
View1910OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BOOKSTER Charles R, Mary A, Lena K
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHERD Malinda, Max
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, May, Martha, Marcella
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT William J, Annie, Edna, Hazel
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BOOKSTER Charles R, Mary A, Lena K
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Jacob A, ?, Ida
View1910OHHamiltonCincinnatiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Ida
View1910OHHamiltonGreenCENSUS: BUCHHIT Mary, DENNIE, John, Sallie, Willie
View1910OHHamiltonMill CreekCENSUS: BUHITE Joseph
View1910OHHamiltonMillcreekCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank J
View1910OHHamiltonMillcreekCENSUS: BUCHEIDT Melinda
View1910OHMontgomeryDaytonCENSUS: BOHARDT Jacob, Amelia A, Ella
View1910OHSummitAkronCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edward J, Carrie
View1910OKOklahomaOklahoma CityCENSUS: BOOKSTER Frank, Lydia, Joseph D
View1910PAAlleghenyAleppoCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Albert, Catherine
View1910PAAlleghenyPittsburgh CityCENSUS: RICHTER Lawrence, Minerva, HARTMUSS Lawrence, Henry, Charles
View1910PABlairAltoonaCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter, Barbara, Anna, Isabell
View1910PALehighUpper MacUngieCENSUS: BUCKSER Andro
View1910PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT Henry, Bertha, Lizette
View1910PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT Henry, Bertha, Lizette
View1910PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT John, Elizabeth, Charles, Barbara, Liseta, Pauline, William
View1910PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia CityCENSUS: BUCHSER Edward, Catherine, Albert, Lillian, Caroline
View1910PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia CityCENSUS: BOOKSTER Barnett, Anna, LazarusHarris, Sarah
View1910PAWashingtonMcDonaldCENSUS: BUCHHIET Henretta, Henrietta, Tillie
View1910TXJeffersonBeaumontCENSUS: BOOKSER J O
View1910VAMecklenburgBoydtonCENSUS: BUCHEIT Vanderbilt, Henry, Royal, Frank
View1910WIMarionettaGrover TwpCENSUS: BOHARDT Fred
View1910WIMilwaukeeMilwaukeeCENSUS: BUCKSER Albert, Julia, Rudolph
View1920ALChiltonKincheonCENSUS: BUCHALT Jachom, Sarah
View1920ALMorganTrinityCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Pearl
View1920ARCarrollYocumCENSUS: BOOKSTER Frank, Lydia A, Joseph D
View1920ARLoganShoal CreekCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Theckla & Alphonsa
View1920CAContra CostaHerculiesCENSUS: BUCHEIT John
View1920CASan FranciscoSan FranciscoCENSUS: BUCHSER John N, Theresa, Albert J
View1920CASanta ClaraSan JoseCENSUS: BOOKSER Jacob J, Amelia, Anna
View1920CASanta ClaraSan JoseCENSUS: BOOKSER Jacob J, Amelia C, Anna
View1920CATulareTulareCENSUS: BUCHSER Margery, Stewart Charles, Austa A
View1920CTNew HavenOrangeCENSUS: BUCKSER Etta, Bertha
View1920DENew CastleWilmingtonCENSUS: BUCHSER Mary E, REDDING Annie E
View1920GAHaralsonWacoCENSUS: BUCKSER Frank, Mary M, John, Frank
View1920IABlackhawkEast WaterlooCENSUS: BUCHITE William F, Cynetry, Lawrence
View1920IACarrollCarrollCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank, Elizabeth
View1920IAFremontSidneyCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Tracy, Viola
View1920IAFremontSidneyCENSUS: BACKHERT Tracy, Viola
View1920IAMahaskaMadisonCENSUS: BIESHAAR John, Meda
View1920IAShelbyClayCENSUS: BOOKSER Jacob, ANDERSON C, Dora, Earl A, Leo H, Arlo M, Avery W, Ramona, Orvetta
View1920ILAdamsQuincyCENSUS: BUCHEIT Criss
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHSER Joseph, William, WIEGE Paul, Emma, Marcella
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT William
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHSER Edward, Lenora, Helen
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT William
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCKSER Joseph, William
View1920ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHSER Fred L, Margaret, Caroline, Florence
View1920ILHenryAnnawanCENSUS: BOHARDT Henry, Annie & daughters
View1920ILHenryAnnawanCENSUS: BOHARDT Henry, Louisa, Frances, Marie, Wilma
View1920ILHenryAnnawanCENSUS: BOHARDT Fred
View1920ILKaneAuroraCENSUS: BUCHEIDT John G, Gertrude
View1920ILMadisonChouteauCENSUS: BUCHSER John J, Sophia, Sophia, Louis, Theodore, Rosalie, Amelia, John, Julia [02]
View1920ILMadisonChouteauCENSUS: BUCHSER John J, Sophia, Sophia, Louis, Theodore, Rosalie, Amelia, John, Julia [01]
View1920ILMadisonNameokiCENSUS: BUCKSER Johlieb, Susie, Ester, Martin
View1920INDearbornCenterCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Otto, Rosa, GLASS John, Anna, Marjorie
View1920INWayneRichmond CityCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Laura
View1920KSMiamiWeaCENSUS: BUCHSER Joseph
View1920KYDaviessOwensboroCENSUS: BUCHSER Edmond, Lavon, Hazel, Grace
View1920KYKentonCovingtonCENSUS: BOOKSTER Charles R, Mary A, Leona K
View1920KYKentonCovington CityCENSUS: BOOKSTER Charles R, Mary A, Lena K
View1920LAOrleansNew OrleansCENSUS: BUHI Edward, Belle, George?, John
View1920MAEssexLynn CityCENSUS: BUCHETTE Sona
View1920MDBaltimoreBaltimoreCENSUS: BUCHEIT John
View1920MEYorkSanfordCENSUS: BUCHITE Antwine
View1920MILenaweePalmyraCENSUS: BUCHSER George, Fannie, Paul
View1920MIWayneDetroitCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Marie
View1920MNHubbardHelgaCENSUS: BUCKSEN Louis A, Mary (mother)
View1920MNOlmsteadHoverhillCENSUS: BUCHALT Frank, Barbara, Walter, Larice
View1920MOGreenCampbellCENSUS: BUCHEIT Joseph
View1920MOGreeneJacksonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John, Mary, Nola, Owen, Joseph
View1920MOJasperGalenaCENSUS: BUCHSER Henry, Grace, John, Henry, FATLOCK Sarah
View1920MOSt LouisCentralCENSUS: BUCHSER Matilda, SEELE Edward, Adele, Virginia, Frederick
View1920MTGallatinSalesvilleCENSUS: BUHITE George
View1920NCCENSUS: BURCHHART Albert H, Marry, Harland?, Henry?, Arlene, Paul
View1920NCSilver HillCENSUS: BUCKHURT Robert L, Florence, Esther, Ethel, Cathleen
View1920NCDavidsonConrad HillCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Albert H, Marry, Henry, Arlene, Paul
View1920NCDavidsonSilver HillCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Robert H, Florine, Edith, Ethel, Cathleen
View1920NDCassAddisonCENSUS: BUCHALT Paul E, Louisa, Carl W, Ewald R Ella A, Theodore
View1920NECassCenterCENSUS: BUHITE Walter, Minnie, Walter, Everett, Daisy, Bessie, William
View1920NEHallWashingtonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Aug W, Lily M, STEHLINE Isabell S
View1920NJMarionElizabeth CityCENSUS: BUCKSER Samuel, Gladdis, Dorothy, Eleanor, WERFF? Theodore, Gladdis
View1920NJMonmouthShre?CENSUS: BUCHHEIT William, Mary S
View1920NJUnionElizabeth CityCENSUS: BUCHSER Samuel, Gladdis, Dorothy, Eleanor, UTEROFF Theodore Gladdis
View1920NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCHETTE John, Carmello
View1920NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Jacob H, Rose, Katheryn, FOGERTY Florence
View1920NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Jacob, Julianna, George, Marie, Julianna
View1920NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHNER Harry & Tillie
View1920NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Frederick, May, Evelyn, May [02]
View1920NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Frederick, May, Evelyn, May [01]
View1920NYNew YorkBronxCENSUS: BOOKSER Benjamin, Esther, Anna, George
View1920NYNew YorkBronxCENSUS: BOOKSER Benjamin, Esther, Anna, George
View1920NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHETTE Angelo
View1920NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHEIT William, Carolina, William
View1920NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BEUCKERT Curt
View1920NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHSER Morie
View1920NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUHART William, Pauline, William
View1920NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Carrie, George, Lillian
View1920NYQueensMaspethCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Rudolf, Katherine, Margaret, Anna, May
View1920NYQueensMaspethCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Katheryn
View1920NYQueensNassau HeightsCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George, Alice, Frank
View1920NYQueensNew York CityCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John J, Anna B, Joseph A
View1920NYQueensNew York CityCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Antoinette
View1920NYQueensNew York CityCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Katherine
View1920NYQueensQueensCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Antoinette
View1920NYQueensRidgewoodCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John J, Anna B, Joseph A
View1920NYQueensRidgewoodCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Jacob, Julianna, George, Marie, Julianna
View1920NYQueensRidgewoodCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edward
View1920NYSuffolkIslipCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Charles J, Margaret, HEDDEN Lucina
View1920NYSuffolkIslipCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Katie
View1920NYWestchesterYonkersCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edgbert, Charlotte
View1920NYWestchesterYonkersCENSUS: BUCKHOUT Edgbert E, Charlotte
View1920OHButlerHanoverCENSUS: BUHI William, Sadie, Willa, Harmon, Howard, Ruth, Irma, BERNHARDT Michael, Marie
View1920OHCuyahogaClevelandCENSUS: BUCHSER Ernest, Helen, Mary A, DAVERN Winifred, Martin P
View1920OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Anna
View1920OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Alma
View1920OHLorainElyriaCENSUS: BUHITE Grace (Bukita), Maud
View1920OHLucasAdamsCENSUS: BUCHAN George, Matie
View1920OHMontgomeryDaytonCENSUS: BUHI William H, Catherina
View1920OHMontgomeryDaytonCENSUS: BUHI Robert, Irene, Charles, BRENNAN Patrick, Julia, Mariella
View1920OHMontgomeryHarrisonCENSUS: BOHARDT Paul, Blanche, Harriet, Paul, Edwin, BOHARDT Edward, Theodore
View1920OHPauldingPauldingCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Theresa
View1920OHSummitNorthamptonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edward, Carrie
View1920OHWyandotTymochteeCENSUS: BUHART William, Margaret
View1920OKCarterAdmoreCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Vern
View1920ORMarionSalemCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Anna
View1920PAAlleghenyHomesteadCENSUS: AFFOLTER Jacob, CLEGG Estella
View1920PAAlleghenyHomesteadCENSUS: AFFOLTER Charles A, Delia, John A, Margaret K [01]
View1920PAAlleghenyHomesteadCENSUS: AFFOLTER Charles A, Delia, John A, Margaret K [02]
View1920PAAlleghenyPennCENSUS: AFFOLTER Fred, Florence, Melvin, William
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburghCENSUS: AFFOLTER William, Agnes B, William
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburghCENSUS: HARTMUSS Lawrence C, Harry W, RICTER Lawrence C, Minnie A
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburghCENSUS: COLELLA Frank, Louis, Josephine, Stella, James, Vincent, John, MILLER George G, Louisa, Anna, James, Stephen, Christian, Corwin
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburghCENSUS: AFFOLTER John W, Katherine
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburgh CityCENSUS: HARTMUSS Frank J, Katherine, Russell J, Mary
View1920PAAlleghenyPittsburgh CityCENSUS: HARTMUSS Joseph, Clara
View1920PAAlleghenyShalerCENSUS: AFFOLTER Bernard, Mary, Benjamin, WEBER Helen, Alverna
View1920PAAlleghenyWilkinsburgCENSUS: HARTMUSS Edward, Alberta
View1920PAAlleghenyWilmerdingCENSUS: GORDON William, Anna, Eleanor, James
View1920PAArmstrongKiskiminetasCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George, Mary
View1920PAArmstrongKiskinnetasCENSUS: BURKETT George, Mary
View1920PABerksReadingCENSUS: BUCHSER Clara M, Alberta E, Loretta M, Claira H, Miriam E, Franklin R, Rudolph F
View1920PABlairAltoonaCENSUS: BUCHHITE Susan, LOGUE Thomas, Homer
View1920PABlairLoganCENSUS: FRAUMHOFER John, Catherine, Isabell, Geraldine, BUCHHEIT Peter
View1920PAButlerClayCENSUS: BUCHEI Lewis
View1920PAElkBenzingerCENSUS: BUCHEIT John, Franciscus, Sela???
View1920PAFayetteSouth UnionCENSUS: BUCHHERT John, Anna
View1920PAIndianaWashingtonCENSUS: BUHITE Fred W, Jennie, Sarah, Ethel, Edward, Glen
View1920PAJeffersonSykesvilleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Vina
View1920PALehighAllentownCENSUS: AFFOLTER Samuel, HOFFMAN Adam, Emma, Henry
View1920PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT John, Elizabeth, Charles, Barbara, Liseta, Pauline, William
View1920PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSER Albert, Edith, Edith, Caroline, Edward, Catherine, Leo, FLANNERY Lillian, RAMSEY Paul, Caroline [01]
View1920PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSER Edward, Catherine, Leo, FLANNERY Lillian, RAMSEY Paul, Caroline [02]
View1920PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BURKHEID Tillie, Anna M, Blanch E
View1920PAPhiladelphiaPhiladephiaCENSUS: BEUCKERT William, Caroline, Elizabeth, William, Marie, BIEHN Carrie, Walter, Walter, BEUCKERT Edna, Marie, FIELDS William, Hilda, HARMONING Elizabeth, HUTH Conrad
View1920PAWashingtonCharleroiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Christina, William, James, Elizabeth
View1920PAWashingtonCharleroiCENSUS: BUCKHOLT Christina, William, James, Elizabeth
View1920PAWestmorelandUnityCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Harry, Grace, Arthur, Geneive, Edna
View1920PAWestmorelandVandergriftCENSUS: BUHITE Jesse F, Sarah, Paul, Stanley
View1920SCSumterSumterCENSUS: BUHITE Walter I, Caroline, Dorothy, Margaret
View1920TNDavidsonNashvilleCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Marie
View1920TNKnoxDistrict 10CENSUS: BUCHEIT Francis I, Ella
View1920TNShelbyMemphisCENSUS: BUCKHEIT G, Winona
View1920TXBexarJustice Precint 7CENSUS: BUEHRER John
View1920TXCollinsJustice Precint 3CENSUS: BUCKANS Rufus, Edna, Patrice, Opal
View1920TXGreggLangviewCENSUS: BUCKHITE
View1920VAPatrickDan RiverCENSUS: BUCKHAIT Della, Sarah
View1920WASpokaneSpokaneCENSUS: BUCHEIT Frank
View1920WIFon Du LacRiponCENSUS: BUCHHOLZ Julius, Amelia, Theresia, Ida
View1920WIFond Du LacRiponCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Julius, Amelia, Theresa, Ida
View1920WILaCrossCampbell TownCENSUS: BUCKHEIT M Mathilda
View1920WILaCrossCampbell TownCENSUS: BUCHHEIT M Marcia
View1920WIMilwaukeeMilwaukee CityCENSUS: BUCHSER George
View1920WISheboyganLimaCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Henry, Auga, Charlotta, Carl
View1920WISheboyganLimaCENSUS: BUCHHOLZ Henry, Auga, Charlotte, Carl
View1920WVMarshallSouth Fish CreekCENSUS: BUCKHEIT M Rev
View1930ALHoustonGordonCENSUS: BUCHALT James, Ella, James, Willie Florence, Quinton, James
View1930ALJeffersonPrecinct 21CENSUS: BUCHEIT Pearl
View1930ALWalkerPrecinct 34CENSUS: BUCHEIT McKindley, Ira, Red, Pollie, Ned
View1930ARCarrollCedarCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Milla, Varl
View1930ARClaySt FrancisCENSUS: BUSCHET Lark, Louis
View1930ARClaySt FrancisCENSUS: BUSCHET Louis, Jennie
View1930ARSebastianUpperCENSUS: BUCHHERT Sr Theckla
View1930CAAlamedaOaklandCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Ben, Lucille
View1930CALos AngelesAssemblyCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Augus, Lily M, STEHLIN Belle
View1930CASan JoaquinLodiCENSUS: RIZZA Frank C & Pauline
View1930CTFairfieldRidgefieldCENSUS: BUHITE ?, Emma
View1930CTNew HavenHamdenCENSUS: BUCHHOUT Gordon, Edna
View1930FLDadePrecinct 63CENSUS: BUCHEIT Earl
View1930IACarrollCarrollCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank, Elizabeth
View1930IAClintonClintonCENSUS: BUHITE Tunis, Audrey, Robert, Marion, Hewey, Drew
View1930ILCookChicagoCENSUS: DAUER Paul, Gertrude, Richard, BROOKSTER Arthur, Margaret [01]
View1930ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George, Agnes, Paul
View1930ILCookChicagoCENSUS: DAUER Paul, Gertrude, Richard, BROOKSTER Arthur, Margaret [02]
View1930ILCookChicagoCENSUS: MAGNUSON Wilbur, Nettie, Bruce, BUCHSER U Victor
View1930ILCookChicagoCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Peter
View1930INCassElkCENSUS: BUCHETTE Edward R, Bessie
View1930INMarionCenterCENSUS: BUCKSER Eddie
View1930INOwenFranklinCENSUS: BROOKSHER (BROOKSTER) Charley, Elise L
View1930KSCrawfordLincolnCENSUS: BUCHEIT Donald, Leah, Frances Yvonne
View1930KSMarionDoyleCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Vera, Kenneth, Leo, Ida
View1930KSSedgwickDelanoCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Albert
View1930KYBallardMagisterial District #5CENSUS: BUCKHEIT William, Mary, Mary, John, Catherine, William, Rose, Gladys, Walter, Jacqueline, John
View1930KYCampbellFt ThomasCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George, Gladys, Billy, Bobby, George, Noreen
View1930KYHarlanMagisterial District #2CENSUS: BUCKHEIT Jeff, Ruth
View1930KYKentonCovingtonCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Sylvester & Clarence, WILSON Fred, Lillian
View1930LABossierBossier CityCENSUS: BUCHETTE L H, Alice, Iris, Baby
View1930LANatchitochesPolice Jury Ward 9CENSUS: BUHITE Zeno, Carrie, Bessie, Leo, Rosie, Luther
View1930LAOrleansNew OrleansCENSUS: BOOKSTER Joseph, Cora, Juliet, Edna
View1930MAMiddlesexWalthamCENSUS: BUCHETTE Napolean
View1930MICalhounBattle CreekCENSUS: BUCHEIT Henry J
View1930MIKalamazooKalamazooCENSUS: BUCKHUT Arnold, Hazel, Alice, Virginia, Donna
View1930MIKalamazooKalamazooCENSUS: BUCKHUT Arnold
View1930MIMonroeCarletonCENSUS: BUCHSER Gottlieb, Grace, Gottlieb Jr
View1930MIOaklandPontiacCENSUS: BOOKSTER Frank E, Eddie A, Joseph D
View1930MIWayneDetroitCENSUS: BUCHEIT Robert
View1930MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCHSER John J, Clara, Ileen
View1930MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Anton, Katie, Barbara
View1930MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Joseph
View1930MOSt LouisSt LouisCENSUS: BURKHARDT Mertile, Benjamin, BUCHHEIT Mike, Margrute, Barbara
View1930MTSilver BowButteCENSUS: BUCHSER Fred, JENKINS Henry A, Lelane, STILLWELL Clementine
View1930NCGastonBelmontCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Maura
View1930NJCumberlandMillvilleCENSUS: BUCHEIT Frederick
View1930NJCumberlandMillvilleCENSUS: BURKHEIT Frederick, Frederick, Helen, Dolores, Margaret, John E, BRESLIN Earl, Gerladine
View1930NJMonmouthAsbury ParkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Marie
View1930NJUnionElizabeth CityCENSUS: BUCHSER Samuel, Gladdis, Eleanor, WERFF Theodore, Glatis
View1930NYCayugaAuburnCENSUS: BOOKSER Ethel
View1930NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Chester, Charlotte, Jun
View1930NYErieBuffaloCENSUS: BUCKHEIT George E, Katherine E
View1930NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Frederick, Mary, Clarence, Frederick, Mildred, Walter, Mary Ann
View1930NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCKSER Benjamin, Rose
View1930NYKingsBrooklynCENSUS: BUCHETTE John
View1930NYNassauHempsteadCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Charles
View1930NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUHITE John, Katie [02]
View1930NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Simon L
View1930NYNew YorkManhattanCENSUS: BUHITE John, Katie [01]
View1930NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Mary
View1930NYNew YorkNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George
View1930NYOrangeMiddleton CityCENSUS: BUCKSER William
View1930NYQueensElmhurst, New YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Alice, Frank
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Catherine, Margaret, Anna, Mae
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Stephen, Auga
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John, Anna, Joseph, Anna
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHEIT John, Rose, Theresa
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Jacob, Rose, Catherine, George, Joan
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Carolina
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Frank A
View1930NYQueensNew YorkCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph, Katherine, SCHERER Alice, SCHNEIDER Alice
View1930NYQueensQueensCENSUS: BUCKHEIT William, Sally, Jean
View1930NYSuffolkIslipCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Charles J, Margaret E, HEDDEDN Lucinda
View1930NYSuffolkIslipCENSUS: BUCHSER Elizabeth
View1930NYSuffolkSouthamptonCENSUS: BUCHEIT Joseph, Carrie, Lillian
View1930OHButlerHamiltonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Henry, Christine, John
View1930OHButlerHamiltonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT George, Theresa, Josephine, Florence, Louise, George, Hilda, SEE Robert, LEE Richard [02]
View1930OHButlerMilfordCENSUS: BUHI William, Bertha
View1930OHCuyahogaClevelandCENSUS: BUCHSER F Ernest, Helen, Mary A, Ernest Jr, Robert,
View1930OHFultonWausen Village, ClintonCENSUS: BUCHSER Walter, Chloe B, STEVENS Charles L, Lucille M
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Barbara
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Anna
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Elizabeth, ZIMMERMAN Philip, Elizabeth, Helen
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Joseph
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT William, Estella, William
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEIT William
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHEIT MD
View1930OHHamiltonCincinattiCENSUS: BUCHHEID Adam, Lida, Richard
View1930OHHamiltonGreenCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Mary, Martha, David
View1930OHHuronBelleviewCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Lena, Tressa, FIELDS Joseph, Freida, Raymond, Agnes, Virginia, Joseph
View1930OHLoraineElyria TwpCENSUS: BUCKSER John, Margaret, Eleanor, Dorothy
View1930OHMahoningYoungstownCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Ira, Mary, Enid, Warren
View1930OHMongomeryDaytonCENSUS: BOHARDT Paul C, Blanche, Paul, Edwin, Robert, John
View1930OHMongomeryDaytonCENSUS: BOHARDT Jacob, Amelia
View1930OHStarkCantonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT John F, Hattie, Everett, Harold, William, Earl, SHARP Alice, Noreen
View1930OHSummitCoventryCENSUS: BUCHHEIT David W
View1930OHSummitNorthamptonCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Edward, Carrie
View1930OHTrumbullBrookfieldCENSUS: BUHART Joseph
View1930OHWayneWoosterCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Albert
View1930ORUmatillaPrecinct 45CENSUS: BUCKHEIT Anna
View1930PAAlleghenyPittsburghCENSUS: BUCHSER C A, Josephine, Albert J, Minnie M, Arthur Jr, Helen J
View1930PAAlleghenySouth FayetteCENSUS: AFFOLTER John
View1930PAAlleghenyWilkinsburgCENSUS: AFFOLTER Jack, Amita, Amita A, Robert M, Violet
View1930PAArmstrongParker CityCENSUS: AFFOLTER A, Frances, C M
View1930PABlairAltoonaCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Peter, FRAUNHOFER John, Catherine, Geraldine, KILCOYNE Walter, Isabel
View1930PAClearfieldTroutvilleCENSUS: BUHITE Norah, Virginia, Mary, KORB Gust, Mary
View1930PAIndiandaBuffingtonCENSUS: BUCHEIT Charles, Anne, John, Charles, Jim, Candie, Steve, Mary, George
View1930PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT Henry, Bertha, Lizette, Maria, Henry Jr
View1930PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHSCHEIDT Henry, Bertha, Lisette, Maria, Henry
View1930PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaCENSUS: BUCHEIT Anton, Rose
View1930PAWashingtonMcDonaldCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Grace, LAVALETTE Grace, Morris, George
View1930PAWestmorelandTraffordCENSUS: BUCKHEIT Jos & Zip
View1930PRSantiagoHumacaoCENSUS: BOOKSER Novella May
View1930RIProvidencePawtucketCENSUS: BUCHEIT Lillian
View1930SCFlorenceFlorenceCENSUS: BUCHEIT Florence, TAYLOR George, Albert
View1930SCFlorenceFlorenceCENSUS: BUCHHIET Susan, BARRY William, Catherine
View1930TNJefferson4th DistrictCENSUS: BUHITE James
View1930UTSalt LakeSalt LakeCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Raymond, Hilda, Norman, Gotfried
View1930VAElizabeth CityChesapeakeCENSUS: BUCKSER John J, Lucitta, Yvonne, Virginia
View1930VANelsonRockfieldCENSUS: BUCHEIT Walter, Susan M
View1930WASpokaneSpokaneCENSUS: BOOKSER Carl J, Mabel D, Donald C, HAWKE Minnie E
View1930WILaCrosseLaCrosseCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Anna R
View1930WIMarionettaMarionettaCENSUS: BOHARDT Otis, Irene
View1930WIMilwaukeeMilwaukeeCENSUS: BUCHHEIT Henry F, Emma, Virginia, Henry F
View1930WIMilwaukeeMilwaukeeCENSUS: BUHART H, Blanche, Joan
View1930WIWoodSaratogaCENSUS: BUCHITE William, Ines, Hazel, Lucille, Harold, Lawrence, Elizabeth
View1930WYNatronaElection District 2CENSUS: BUHITE Bert, Thelma, Patsey


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