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To find your ancestor, browse through the information below. When you find someone whose name, birth and death information match (or come close) to that of your ancestor, click on the name to view documents in which that person's name is mentioned.

Alfred Charles Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: O'Neal
Born: PRIVATE Bayard, West Virginia
Andrew Jackson Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Haga\Hagy
Born: 5 JUL 1905Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 23 DEC 1943McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Bertie Viola [Davy] BarkleyBorn: PRIVATE Cassville, West Virginia
Bertie Viola [Davy] HershmanBorn: PRIVATE Cassville, West Virginia
Charles Willis DavyBorn: 3 MAY 1911Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 4 JAN 1973Bayard, West Virginia
Frank Raymond Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: King
Born: 31 JUL 1902Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 1 FEB 1953Pennsylvania
Frederick R DavyBorn: PRIVATE
Garrett Theodore Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Gnegy
Born: 24 JAN 1922Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 5 MAR 1999Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee
George William Lee Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Knotts
Born: 17 OCT 1898Maysville, West Virginia
Died: 7 DEC 1972Parsons, West Virginia
George William Lee Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Winters
Born: 17 OCT 1898Maysville, West Virginia
Died: 7 DEC 1972Parsons, West Virginia
Glenn Frederick Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Haga\Hagy
Born: 28 NOV 1915Romney, West Virginia
Died: 4 JAN 2001Uniontown, Summit, Ohio
Hazel Idalene [Davy] ReeseBorn: 11 FEB 1926Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 11 DEC 1994Elkins, West Virginia
Ira Michael Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Willis
Born: 29 JUL 1917Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 31 DEC 1987Morgantown, Monongalia, West Virginia
Robert Ethney Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Poling
Born: 29 JUN 1913Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 7 SEP 1988Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Sylvia Belle [Davy] BeeghlyBorn: PRIVATE Morgantown, West Virginia
Walter Linwood DavyBorn: 11 DEC 1955Oakland, Maryland
Died: 11 SEP 2004Lutz, Hillsborough, Florida
Walter Linwood Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Holt
Born: 4 OCT 1923Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 23 JAN 2004Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee
William Lee DavyBorn: 19 APR 1920Bayard, West Virginia
Died: 9 JUL 1921Bayard, West Virginia
William Lee Davy
Wife's Maiden Name: Michael
Born: 6 JUN 1871Maysville, Romney, West Virginia
Died: 18 MAY 1926Bayard, West Virginia
Winona Lee [Davy] Born: 2 NOV 1930Caasville, West Virginia
Died: 27 DEC 1930Cassville, West Virginia


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